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Olamide Talks To Nadeska About His Album ‘UY Scuti’



Nigerian rapper Olamide joins Nadeska to discuss the release of his album, ‘UY Scuti’.

He talks about how he always wanted to do a “full-on pop project,” his first days in the studio recording, on his evolution as an artist, and how the dream is to be able to sign artists from around the world with his label/brand.

On the this title being the perfect fit for his project:

“From way back, the regular thing I used to do is, you know, basically just rap music and street music. This time around, I’m just, you know, switching the gears and, you know, moving it up a notch a little bit, ’cause I’ve always wanted to, you know, tap into different elements of humor, everything I feel on the inside and just live my life to the fullest so I might as well just, you know, try something new entirely, you know? So- and I’m really happy for having the courage to be able to, you know, tap into something new entirely that I’ve never done before. This is, like, a full-time pop project, and I’m happy I’m doing it because I’ve always wanted to.”

On why he decided to drop this project now:

“Man, I don’t know, like, you know sometimes you just get carried away by the madness and the fame, you know? Everything was just- was crazy and too much, like, I get carried away sometimes. Like, every time I’m working on a project, I always tell myself, “Oh, this time around I’m gonna do something fresh, I want to do a pop album,” and before you know it, I’m rapping. Before you know it I’m dropping rap songs and all that so this time around I just had to, like, try my best possible.

But one night I started shutting out every energy and everyone around me that I know very well that no matter what if they heard the idea in my head or they heard my new sound, they would be, like, “Nah, nah, let’s not do that, let’s stick to the old ways.” I had to shut them out first, take all those people out of my life for a while, you know while I’m- while I’m in the process of making a project just so I could focus, you know?

As well, I prayed, I did a lot of studying online and I learned some new stuff, and I brought new guys around me, guys, you know, that could see the same vision in my head and the things I really want to achieve in music and how farther I want to go. And, um, yeah, I think these are the things that I did that made it work this time around and I’m grateful to them.”

On the first days in the studio recording:

“Just like every other normal day, you know, ’cause, um, I’ve been doing this for way, way, way back, you know, so, um, basically I just start, say, in life, you just have to, you know, decide what’s good for you, you know? Not about what works for your guys sometimes. And, um, my own thing is once my mindset is off something, no matter how much energy I put into it, it’s never gonna work for me. You know, I already knew that, man, I’m sick of rap music, just want to do something newer.

I just want to do something, so yeah, I have to, like, make sure I do all the necessary of sacrifice to make that happen and actualize that dream, you know? So it was- it was like every other normal day in my life. I’m used to- I’m used to this. If you- if you want to, you know, be at the top or be on top of your game, you have to know that there’s no time to, you know, make excuses or, you know, be sentimental or, you know, care about your loved ones and all that. You have to do what you need to do, you know?”

On the reception he was expecting from fans:

“Honestly speaking, yeah, I mean, if you know what you’re doing and you know what you stand for, you should know that anybody that’s, you know, work for you for something. So for me particularly, I feel like most of my day one fans didn’t work with me because I rap, it’s not because of anything else but the fact that I stay original. Like, you know, I’m very authenticity. I, you know, say things the way I do what I need to do, you know, like, that’s what people like me for. It’s not really about the music in most cases. The music is just, like, you know, um, like an extra thing. It’s- it’s, you know, like, you know, but it’s really, really all about the- the authenticity and the originality.”


On continuing to evolve as an artist:

“I’ve always known from day one, you know, like, when I blew up, I blew up like a ball. 2010, you know? I want to remain in the marketplace, there’s no way I’m gonna keep serving my audience the same thing I’ve been serving for the past 10 years.”

On continuing to improve his label/brand:

“The big dream is to you know, be able to sign different artists from, you know, all around the world, not just artists from Nigeria and, um, go into partnership with, you know, big distributing markets like, you know, Empire. We have a deal with Empire already, you know, so it’s been a smooth ride and I’m enjoying every moment.”

On the amount of fun he’s having:

“Right now, I think I’m having more fun. Way back it used to just be grind for me, no time for fun, no time for relaxing, no holidays, no vacations, nothing. But right now I’ve been able to, you know, sit back, relax and, you know, Covid taught me a lesson that I need to take care of myself anyway, you know? And how Covid taught me I need to, you know, spend more time with my family now, spending more time studying more about my business, spending more time and taking care of my health and, you know, watching my weight and all that, you know? I- I don’t- I don’t mean to sound rude, though, I don’t- some people are comfortable with their weight and body size and all that but for me personally it’s something that I’m not c- cool with, you know? So I’ve been working on that and all that, so yeah.”

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Nigerian Canadian Singer & Songwriter Tomi Akanbi popularly & professionally known as Tome teamed up with hit record producing duo Legendury Beatz for her latest single which is an Amapiano hit titled ‘WAIT’.

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