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KUUKUA ESHUN: Let’s talk about Mental Health within the African community. (+Movie)



Intro about mental health.

What comes to mind when you hear “Mental health?” Perhaps psychiatric hospital? “Mad” people running the streets? Horrific stories about mentally ill people attacking you or someone you know?

As a community, we need to redefine the way we view mental health and the impact it has on us.

Mental health simply refers to the well-being of our psychological and emotional state; Which includes but is not limited to, how we feel, think and act. Mental health affects our everyday life and our decision making.

A lot of people find it shameful to admit that they struggle with mental health issues: and on the other hand, some people stray away from the topic in hopes that by ignoring it, their mental and emotional health issues will disappear, others do not even believe mental health is real at all.

However, I think we can all agree that, our African/ Black communities do not talk about mental health.

It is critical for the African community to understand the process of mental health illness. It’s imperative to admit that mental health is real and should be addressed. Often at time, the experience of the African individual is a singular one. One of the biggest factors that influences mental health is the fact that we often feel pressured to paint a perfect picture of our lives to the world around us. 

How social media affects mental health.

 That is to say, Living in a time where social media is practically taking over most people’s lives, it has become such a difficult task for one to appreciate and concentrate on one’s own life. I say this because, most people are dissatisfied with their lives due to constantly comparing themselves to other people’s success.

Although, most people will not admit it, almost every single one of us deal with some sort of mental health issues on a daily basis.

  • anxiety disorders (very common in most people )
  • mood disorders like depression, mood swings and bipolar disorder
  • schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is common in children and teens, and adults as well.
  • eating disorders
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Moreover, it is crucial to understand that most people experience the mental illnesses I’ve listed above.

There is a clear distinction between the mind and body but the real danger is when we separate our Mental health from our physical health.

Not only is  struggling with mental health physically draining, it also substantially interferes with or limits your ability to live your life freely. This is what often causes many people to commit suicide. It is difficult to separate the mind from the body.

Not to mention, In a Situational Analysis done by World Health Organization (WHO),

“It is estimated that out of 21.6 million people living in Ghana, 650,000 are suffering from a severe mental disorder and further 2,166,000 are suffering from a moderate to mild mental disorder. The treatment gap is 98% of the total population expected to have a mental disorder.” (W.H.O)

Many people are suffering and as a community, we need to come together and fight mental health.

How having parents who are not educated on the topic of mental health can affect you.

Having said that, raising awareness about mental health should start from home. Some of our African parents are ignorant when it comes to the extent of mental health issues like; anxiety, depression, mood swings, ADHD and many others are not even acknowledged in most African homes. Like I’ve already mentioned, mental health affects your everyday life. From your relationship with the people around you to school grades, self doubt, self esteem problems, fear of failure, it can even be as extreme as hating yourself and your life, it can affect your diet and even sleep schedule. African parents mostly tend to think their children are lazy or are incapable of being an ideal child. Be advised that, It is extremely difficult to live or be around a person suffering from mental illness if you’re not educated on the topic.

How gender roles affects mental health.

In addition, the struggle with mental health is even more pronounced When gender rule is thrown into the mist. In Africa, men are taught to be “masculine” and to max their emotions and on the other hand, women are taught to be fragile and submissive beings. It is no surprise that men have higher suicide rates. Being a man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your emotions to the point where it affects your mental health.

Men are scared of being seen as weak and this is why they rather not talk about their mental health struggles whiles women are seen as “too soft” when they open up about their emotional or mental issues.

According to research, women are more likely to talk about their mental health struggles than men do. There is so many factors that plays a role when it comes to mental health and our community.

Watch the movie below:


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MzVee Endorses Geisha’s Natural Skincare Range



The natural skincare range in Ghana is the fastest growing in the beauty category, with many leaning towards organic and natural skincare products due to their eco-friendly nature and the adverse effects of using synthetic and chemicalized products.

Consumers are savvy now more than ever and with the help of social media, industry experts, key opinion leaders and influencers who have tested and tried products that are more useful than others help to share knowledge on the ‘must go to’ products for any and everything including skincare products.

These influencers include MzVee, who has recently shone light to this new normal of using natural skincare products.

Popularly known as a natural girl especially after her hit song, “Natural Girl,” she was recently unveiled the new brand ambassador for Geisha’s new range of natural products; Geisha Moringa Oil and Geisha Black Soap, and has used the platform to carry on the message of the essence of being a natural girl in totality especially since many youths look up to her as an icon to emulate in terms of her natural glowing skin aside her artistry.

According to MzVee, “we don’t get to choose many things in this life, so I choose to use the best soap that helps me to look all natural always. I use Geisha African Strength, which is the Geisha Moringa and Black soap to give my skin a soft and glowing skin which is for all skin types”.

Geisha moringa soap is made up of glycerin and moringa oil, these ingredients help to moisturize the skin leaving it soft, moisturize and glowing whiles Geisha black soap has uniquely crafted cleansers combined with activated charcoal and cocoa butter that is able to cleanse your skin leaving it smooth and glowing.

She advises that long stressful and tiring days filled with so many activities must always be washed away with the Geisha African Strength variants, which help to wash away the blocked pores, leaving the skin fresh and acne

For MzVee, staying beautiful is a lifestyle which is made much more naturally easier with Geisha.

Watch the video in link below:

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WANI Gives Us A Modern-day African Classic With Lagos City Vice 2



At the forefront of ‘Modern AfroRnB’ in Nigeria, Nigerian-American singer and songwriter, WANI, gives us a modern-day African classic with the release of his sophomore EP, Lagos City Vice 2.

Pegged to have delivered one of the most significant RnB projects to come out of Africa this year, WANI’s 9 track EP has all the right ingredients not only to set himself apart, but to make Lagos City Vice 2 a timeless body of work that music lovers will enjoy for years to come.

“This day has been three years in the making. I never really go into things with expectations, but I do have personal goals for myself. I’m banking on this project being the one to put me on the MAP! It’s a modern-day African classic,” expresses WANI.

WANI’s Lagos City Vice 2 is now out via Platoon and you can stream or download it here:

Playing out like a soundtrack in a day in the life of WANI, Lagos City Vice 2 reflects growth and transparency in WANI’s journey as he navigates the life of an independent artist and the vices of Lagos city.

“As an artist my job is to accurately document the life around me in musical form. My first project was made while I was in Uni and that was naturally a more carefree time in my life and you can tell because it accurately reflected in the music – themes revolved strictly around partying which is actually what I was doing,” reveals WANI.

He adds: “I moved back to Lagos after Uni so in all honesty this project is the real Lagos City Vice. I didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken but at the same time it was important for me to show a bit more transparency to the people that have grown to love WANI.”

Listen out for “LEVEL”, a standard celebratory track where WANI thanks God for bringing him to where he is now on his journey, a long way from where he started – “bumps along the road feel more intense when you’re independent and have figured most of it yourself but the reward is worth it.”

In direct contradiction is “GOD BLESS THE CHILD” which shows emotions more along the lines of fear and anxiety’s that come with the journey rather than the over confidence reaching a new level up might give.

Focus single going into the EP release, the love soaked “JAILER”, narrates WANI’s desire to give the girl he lusts after a comfortable life, from material finances to a peaceful relationship free of romantic drama.

Watch the glamourous music video here –

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Multi-award-winning Nigerian superstar DAVIDO reunites with South African sensation Focalistic on his brand new single “Champion Sound”, here. The two artists first connected earlier this year on the monster remix of Focalistic’s Amapiano hit “Ke Starwhich US publication Time Magazine listed as one of the ‘Best Songs Of 2021 So Far’.

Produced by Amapiano heavyweights Caltonic SA and Tee Jay, CHAMPION SOUND sees Davido and Focalistic trade off flows on the track which captures the vibrancy of the popular South African genre that is rapidly growing worldwide. Catch both stars the dance-fuelled visuals, set against the London landscape and directed by Dalia Dias here.

Closing 2020 with the momentous release of A BETTER TIME, which is fast approaching a staggering 400M combined streams across all platforms and 32 million views across the official videos; Davido continues to cement himself as one of the biggest artists in Africa. The album dominated the No.1 position in the Apple Music charts across 8 territories, including Nigeria, where it maintained this spot for 4 consecutive weeks.

The release of CHAMPION SOUND follows the recent announcement of Davido return to perform live in concert at the UK’s O2 Arena on March 5th 2022. Tickets available here.

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