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Ghanaian And Nigerian Team Take Part In Ethiopia’s Timket Festival



A TEAM of Ghanaian and Nigerian tour operators, media personnel and tourists took part in the 2020 edition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church’s epiphany celebrations in the country’s capital of Addis Ababa last Monday.

The team led by tour operator and CEO of Staple tours and also President of Women in Tourism, Ghana Ambassador Nancy Sam, was made up of Nana Adwoa Adofowaa II, a queenmother from the Eastern Region and representative of Nana Ama Serwaah, President of the Queenmothers Foundation of Ghana, Abeiku Santana, radio presenter and CEO of Kaya Tours, Francis Doku, host of tourism show Travel Pass on 3FM 92.7 and others from Ghana and Nigerian. Also on the team was Hajia Bilkisu Abdul, President, Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP).

Known as Timket (or Timkat), the colourful celebration is one of two very popular events on the calendar of the Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Ethiopia. The other ceremony is the Meskel Festival, which marks the celebration of the finding of the cross that Jesus was crucified on and takes place at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa.

Timket, which means “to reveal”, refers to the revelation associated with the Church’s theology which is the unity of God the father, the son and the Holy Ghost during the baptism of Christ and it is the symbolic celebration of the Baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan. The celebration takes place 12 days after Christmas on the 19 January (or 20th January in a leap year).

While there are many followers of other religions in Ethiopia, the majority of people are Orthodox Christians and therefore always has many people committing time and energy to take part in Timket, which together with Meskel are declared national holidays in Ethiopia.

The team from Ghana and Nigeria woke up early in the morning of Monday to join thousands of worshippers, all of whom were attired in the traditional white cotton robes, at the humongous grass field of several acres reserved for the purpose and known as Janmeda.

Ahead of the symbolic baptism of the faithful, venerated priests and holy men performed the epiphany service around the baptismal pool as well as several thousand listening to sermons in a large tented area around the vast Janmeda. Many had been there since the previous night to sleep over in the cold Ethiopian weather and await the blessing that would come with the baptism.

The arrival of Abune Mathias, the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church signaled the time for serious work and it ended most of the sermons. Several people in the inner perimeter got close to the baptismal pool, where the Patriarch and his many clergies had been positioned, while the many thousands outside the perimeter got close to the barricades and pushing in on security personal.

On one side of the giant pool was the Patriarch and also where a replica of the ark of the covenant (tabot) stood at the feet of several elders while the opposite side had a golden statue of Jesus Christ being baptized by John the Baptist with water spilling from a jug of water tilted over Jesus’ head.

For about an hour the final service before the baptism went on with sermons, singing of hymns, parading of huge crosses and a holy book around the pool by the clergy as momentum built towards the baptism. When it came in was in the form of sprinkling of water on the people close to him by the Patriarch and then those of the other priests followed.

At this point the thousands of faithful were inching and trying to get close to the pool while the many priests standing on raised platforms and holding water hoses sprinkled water from the baptismal pool on them. This was preceded and followed a cacophony of clapping, shrieking, whistling and shouting by the many thousands gathered to commemorate the baptism of Jesus by John.

Meanwhile, the team took part in the mass procession of the members of different congregations of the Orthodox Tewahedo church on the streets of Addis Ababa. This procession marks the start of the celebration of Timket and takes place a day before (18th Janaury) the baptism of the faithful with this particular one taking place on 19th January. Known as ‘Ketera’, which refers to the making of a dam, as it is common to make a dam in places where there is no river water for the celebration of Timket.

The procession is led by the “Tabot”(replica of the Ark of the Covenant), which is taken out of each church and borne aloft by high priests to the nearest river, lake or pond where the communal baptism is to take place the next day and in this case at Janmeda.

The procession was attended by chanting and dancing crowds in dazzling white traditional robes, which contrasts with the colours of the ceremonial robes and velvet umbrellas of the priests as well as the red, yellow, green of the Ethiopian flag adorning every corner and creating a beautiful kaleidoscope across the streets. The Tabots stayed overnight near the baptismal pool at Janmeda ahead of the baptism the following morning.

The Ethiopian Orthodox church has celebrated Timket across the country and has been doing so since the fourth century. This three-day observance, which is climaxed on the Tuesday when the Tabot from St. Michael’s Church is returned and accompanied by a cheerful crowd who sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, is a solemn observance of faith intermixed with exuberance.

The trip by the Ghana and Nigeria team to Timket Festival 2020 was made possible by Africa’s biggest and most profitable airline, Ethiopian Airlines.


Guinness And 3Music Network Hold Master Class For Young Creatives In Kumasi



Guinness and 3Music Network held an engaging Creative Master Class for over 50 young and budding creatives in Kumasi with the aim of spurring them to growth.

The 2-hour session held at the Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi featured Incredible Zigi, a celebrated Dance Artist and choreographer, Oheneba Yaw Boamah, a multiple award-winning Fashion Designer/Creative Director of Abrantie the Gentleman, Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Founder / Managing Director of 3 Music Networks (Organizers of 3 Music Awards) and George Britton, Talent Manager / CEO of GB Records, moderated by NYDJ. The facilitators shared their success stories, challenges, and tactics of excelling in their various crafts.

The Guinness Creative Master Class follows the successful outdooring of the Pan-African Guinness campaign, Black Shines Brightest. The campaign celebrates creativity, ingenuity, and the energy that resonates when individuals come together, fizzing with optimism, creativity and potential.

Speaking at the Creative Master Class, Head of Beers (Heineken Portfolio and Guinness Trademark) at Guinness Ghana, Roland Kwasi Larbi Ofori emphasized that Guinness, through the Bright House Experience platform and the Creative Master Class, aims to drivee thought leadership and conversations about the creative arts.

“In Ghana, there have been concerns within the creative arts industry on discussing specific topics and this stifles growth. We partnered with 3 Music Network today to debunk these myths and encourage creative arts enthusiasts to believe in themselves and overcome any fears they have because indeed, Black Shines Brightest.”

The Creative Masterclass, which consists of a series of panel discussions, will move to Tamale then Takoradi and finally in the capital city, Accra. Guinness will continue to inspire creatives to be proud and confident, to look to each other for inspiration, bring their ideas to life and take on opportunities.

Speaking to the young and aspiring creatives from Kumasi, Incredible Zigi said he had worked extremely hard for several years before making waves and eventually being recognized by Guinness to headline a campaign. He encouraged the young creatives to carve a niche for themselves by nurturing their creative skills and talents.

After the Master Class, The Bright House Experience, a fundamental part of the Guinness Black Shines Brightest campaign was unveiled in Kumasi. This is a model bar which serves as a cultural space and a hub for people to connect and energize each other with creativity, inspiration and, of course, a cold bottle of Guinness.

On his part, Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu, Chief Executive Officer of 3 Music Network said, “Platforms like Black Shines Brightest by Guinness is one that the creative industry needs at this time of our industry growth. We are grateful to Guinness for this opportunity as this helps Ghanaian creatives showcase our potential, flair and imagination to the rest of the world unique way’’.

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Ghanaian Artist Cornelius Annor is now represented in Europe by MARUANI MERCIER Gallery



Ghanaian artist Cornelius Annor and his works will now be represented in Europe by Maruani Mercier Gallery

“We are proud to announce the European representation of Ghanaian artist Cornelius Annor. Depicting everyday Ghanaian sceneries, the emerging artist Cornelius Annor combines acrylic paint with fabric transfers to create large figurative paintings. The artist’s research revolves around family history, through family photo albums, as such exploring moments in time, from pre-colonial Ghana and Post-independent Ghana to our contemporary era,” reads part of the announcement by the company on Instagram.

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He also added;  I would like what I am creating right now to reach people of the highest stature so that they can see the positive imagery of Africa or Ghana because most of the positive images of black people focus on the African American story. I wanted to create positivity around here too so people can change their view about our beautiful continent.

Cornelius Annor was born in 1990 in Accra, Ghana. He is known as a figurative painter depicting everyday life often departing from childhood memories and family history. He completed his fine art studies at Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where fellow artists Amoako Boafo, Kwesi Botchway, Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe and Emmanuel Taku also studied. From an early age, Annor developped a passion for painting, sketching his family, friends and even strangers. Annor lives and works in Ghana where he established C.Annor studio, a space dedicated to encouraging and supporting young talents and upcoming artists.

Depicting everyday Ghanaian sceneries, the emerging artist Cornelius Annor combines acrylic paint with fabric transfers to create large figurative paintings. The artist’s research revolves around family history, through family photo albums, as such exploring moments in time, from pre-colonial Ghana and Post-independent Ghana to our contemporary era. The characters in his paintings are old and young, male and female, sharing different emotions, often in the context of gathering. Incorporating objects and clothes from different periods, Annor plays with memory, history and temporality.

“For me archiving as a form has the potential to open up discussions on lost and forgotten histories and its politics. And I intend to bring into presence these past histories through my works as a way of creating a room of memory which can migrate my audience to a particular moment in time and reflect on themselves.”

Annor invites the viewer to connect with the figures in ambiguous yet completely present and familiar ways. These seemingly ordinary moments of intimacy, gathering and entertainment also set the focus on the details of his fabric transfer technique as well as his photography collages merging tradition and contemporaneity in his work. Departing from archival photographs from family albums or from the internet, he reconfigures his references using photoshop with the idea of inter-migrating cultures, identities and histories. The combination of collages with painting disrupts the depth and perspective within the painting. Through his distinctive practice Cornelius Annor attempts to change our reading of history.

Annor’s work has been exhibited throughout Africa and the U.S., including at the Ghana National Museum and the Accra Art Center.


Founded in 1995, MARUANI MERCIER now represents twenty contemporary artists alongside it’s programme of museum quality historical exhibitions whilst continuing to build on the legacy of a number of renowned estates. Showing established artists alongside young and emerging new talent, the gallery promotes an artistic dialogue between different generations. It also contributes to new scholarship across its programmes by inviting prominent art historians and curators to collaborate on its exhibition catalogues and artist texts. Many of the gallery´s artists participate in international exhibitions and are today placed in some of the most important museums and private collections around the world.

Initially MARUANI MERCIER´s primary programme focused on celebrated American artists from the 1980s who, working within the medium of painting and sculpture, sought to reflect the aesthetic and social concerns of their time. Including; Ross Bleckner, Francesco Clemente, Ron Gorchov, Peter Halley, Jonathan Lasker, and Sue Williams.

Over the years, the gallery looked to a new generation of artists who, working within different media, also addressed topical subjects relating to history, politics, the environment, and questions of identity and authorship. Amongst these, Radcliffe Bailey, Esiri Erheriene-Essi and Hank Willis Thomas examine topics surrounding Black history and culture whilst Lyle Ahston Harris looks at societal constructs of sexuality and race. Jaclyn Conley´s beautiful and nostalgic paintings present a poignant rumination on the social and political concerns of American life, whilst Tony Matelli confronts issues of isolation and impermanence with humour and irony.

In 2001, MARUANI MERCIER expanded to include an additional gallery in the historic art town Knokke followed in 2018 by a 15,000 sq ft exhibition space in Zaventem called THE WAREHOUSE. In addition to the celebrated exhibitions held there, in 2021 THE WAREHOUSE hosted Kwesi Botchway and Cornelius Annor at its artist residency. MARUANI MERCIER will remain committed to exhibiting the artist that it hosts there across its galleries.

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World Liqueur Day: Baileys Delight Celebrates World Liqueur Day with Some Cool Ghanaians



Baileys Delight, a light and lush cream liquor with a taste of African honey with rich dairy cream, has commemorated this year’s World Liqueur Day in a playful and indulgent way.

The first of its kind to be celebrated in Ghana, World Liqueur Day is set aside to celebrate and appreciate the plethora of liqueurs across the world.

As part of the celebrations, Baileys Delight popped up in town to share the delightful experience with its patrons by gifting them a delightful box containing items such as  Baileys Delight infused chocolate bar, a branded glass and a bottle of Baileys Delight — right from the heart of Baileys.

To reiterate the celebratory moment and leave a lasting impression, the gifting came with a customized festive balloon. The goal of the gifting is to share a delightful experience with Ghanaians and rekindle the light taste of Indulgence in their lives.

Some of the patrons who benefitted from this gifting spree include Tiktok stars Wesley Kesse and Say Logan.  Others include media icon Chrystral Karyee, Nana Made in China, Asantewaa Neizer, Gisela Amponsah, Akosua Win, and a host of other inspiring figures. Beneficiaries were also delighted about the message of responsible drinking and urged that others explore the platform for more

Baileys Delight remains the delectable offering of choice from the makers of Baileys Original Irish cream, and offers a flawless fusion of Cream Liqueur with an African twist to present a perfectly silky, smooth, and delicious treat. Baileys Delight is invitingly charming.

The deliciously light cream liquor ingredients are a product of meticulous craftsmanship, innovation, and delicious trendsetting that Guinness Ghana is renowned for.

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