Many artists that are new to the Rap game are just happy to get recognition. Thousands of artists peddle their music online in hopes of one day making it big—either independently or by being signed to a label. They want to emulate their favorite rappers who they see flashing cash, riding around in fancy cars, jet-setting around the globe, or lounging in luxury homes. Unfortunately, some rappers on the rise get taken advantage of because they’re quick to ink a deal without reading the fine print of their contracts.

Cordae is mapping out his future in the music industry and unlike many of his fellow artists, he’s meticulously planning a career that goes beyond the release of the moment. It’s reported that Cordae launched his own record label, and recently, he sat down with the Earn Your Leisure Podcast where he discussed why so many rappers end up regretting their contracts.

“Most n*ggas get into bad deals ’cause they like, man, f*ck it. ‘I know it’s a bad deal but n*gga I’mma get in, this gonna get me in the game, I don’t got sh*t right now, and I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. I’ll worry about that sh*t later,'” said Cordae. “Most people don’t even have the business acumen or the access to the information, you get what I’m saying, or knowledge.”

“You have to do the research and the knowledge on it,” he continued. “So, most people come into the game, like I said, not even on that mindset and not having the business acumen to even think about ownership, owning my masters, making sure the percentages are right, the longevity.” Cordae’s friend and former YBN groupmate YBN Nahmir recently made claims that there were veterans in the industry who took advantage of them, and YBN Almighty Jay also took to his Instagram to call out people who he claimed did him wrong.

Check out Cordae’s interview in its entirety below.