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Selassie Atadika And The Successful Midunu Brand



Selassie Atadika has built an enviable globally-recognized brand.

The Ghanaian chef is making giant strides with her Midunu brand of luxury Ghanaian chocolates truffles, a direct heed to President Nana Akufo-Addo’s call to ensuring manufacturing finished chocolate products do well both in Ghana and abroad.

Launched recently, it has garnered a lot of traction within the market, placing the brand and Ghana’s cocoa credentials on solid footing.

The hand-crafted chocolate truffles are available to consumers in the United States and Canada. Midunu’s chocolates take you on a journey, blending unique herbs and spices from across the African continent with ethically sourced and produced Ghanaian cocoa.

As a proud African, Selassie’s focus is to ensure that Midunu chocolates first of all are available in Africa with focus especially on Nigeria and South Africa and she hopes to partner with GEPA to push this Proudly Ghanaian brand further internationally.

Born in Ghana, Selassie passion for the culinary arts led her to start a chocolate company. After completing her Master’s degree from Columbia University in International Affairs, Selassie embarked on a decade of humanitarian work through the United Nations throughout Africa.

Inspired by the rich origin stories of the cuisines she encountered and troubled by the injustices that plagued food systems throughout the continent, Selassie set about introducing her “New African Cuisine” to her home in Ghana – bringing local, seasonal, and underutilized ingredients to the forefront in the dishes she creates.

Her culinary approach has caught attention all over the world and granted her international awards and recognition including being a finalist in the 2019 Basque Culinary World Prize, #73 in the Best Chef Awards 2020 and 2021 recipient of the La Liste New Destination Champion Award for Africa.

Despite being the world’s second largest producer of cocoa, very little chocolate is actually produced in Ghana – the vast majority of the cocoa beans are exported to the Western world to be processed and packaged. Selassie saw chocolate as a familiar vehicle to introduce lesser known herbs, spices, and teas from across Africa to conscious customers around the world while creating jobs, supporting local producers, and adding value locally in Ghana.

Each chocolate is expertly crafted by a team of female chocolatiers in Ghana and named after a different African woman – the culinary custodians of the continent. There is “Aicha” – the perfect pairing of an earthy green tea and a refreshing mint drenched in dark chocolate, “Almaz” – a blend of fragrant spices and Ethiopian chilli blend known as berbere, “Kukua” – a white chocolate ganache infused with moringa.

Selassie describes Midunu as her love story to Africa – a means of celebrating and preserving Africa’s culinary heritage. Atadika is one of a handful of local artisanal chocolate maker and chocolatiers who have been working to add value to chocolate in Ghana.

The Midunu Chocolates have stood out internationally and earned Atadika respected publications and appearances in The New York Times, Washington Post, Bon Appetit Magazine, CNN African Voices, The Financial Times, Al, Jazeera, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), OmVärlden, as well as mentioned in Vogue, National Geographic’s The Plate, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Ebony. Her cuisine has been featured at a State Dinner and the prestigious James Beard Foundation in the US.

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Rison Set To Release A New Song Christened “Aye”



It’s one thing to be doing music and another thing to tell a story through your sound but having them both volume  the magnitude of the craft.

One artiste undoubtedly carrying both attributes is Rison . Rison is Ghanaian- Nigerian recording artiste, songwriter and a performer based in the USA.

Rison after his latest smash “Nobody has to know “ is back with a new one “AYE” Where he talks about the Reassurance of his love for his woman.

The style of the song is a combination of Afro pop and Afro beat and it was produced by Nektunez. It has the vintage feeling of Fela Kuti and also a newer modern sounds of Burna boy and Wizkid. Which is no surprise since he talks about wizkid having a big influence on his style of music.

The singer has promised his fans more music after “Aye”, In an interview with Mc Coaches of Starbuzz Music he said; “I am always recording, have quite a number of unreleased joints looking for the perfect timing to release them”

The release of AYE is scheduled for Friday May 21st 2021 so music lovers should be on the lookout for another classic from the singer.

Pre-Order “Aye” on all streaming platforms with the link below:


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Dr. Fauci Gives Recommendation On If Children Should Still Wear Masks



Children will still need to wear masks while indoors and around others, despite the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s announcement that fully vaccinated individuals will no longer need to do so, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, told CNN Thursday (May 13) that children will still need to wear face protection in public until they are fully vaccinated.

“The children do, when they’re out there playing with their friends and, you know, particularly in an indoor situation they do,” Fauci told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The CDC announced Thursday that fully vaccinated individuals are now safe from becoming infected and from infecting others with coronavirus, however, vaccines for children have not yet been approved.

“But, you know, one of the things that’s also important, that’s happened most recently, is the approval of vaccines for children 12 to 15 years old,” Fauci added. The CDC signed off on using vaccines in that age group Wednesday.

Fauci confirmed vaccine makers are also focusing on younger age groups such as 6-9-year-olds, 2-6-year-olds, infants and toddlers and are expected to reach out to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to authorize or approve vaccinating those age groups soon.

“Then by the end of the year we hope to vaccinate anybody. Right now, the 12- to 15-year-olds can get vaccinated by the Pfizer vaccine,” Fauci said.

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Carol Ofori Shares The Lessons She’s Learned In Her Two Decades On Radio



Radio contract renewal time is always an exciting time for presenters and stations. It usually means big moves, introducing fresh talent and giving audiences more of what they want. However, with radio being such a cut-throat industry, it can also mean devastating loss for on-air talent. However, such is the nature of the radio beast.

Local television and radio personality Carol Ofori is one presenter who has had an extensive career on radio. From her early days on Rau Radio, Carol has become a seasoned broadcaster and has presented shows on major stations like 947, Metro FM, Radio 2000 and now East Coast Radio. Aside from commercial radio, Carol has also hosted shows on retail radio stations Jet FM and Edgars Music Radio.

As more radio shake-ups are expected in the days to come, Carol shares five lessons that she has learned during her two decades on air for those wanting to kick-start their career in radio.

Resilience Is Your Best Weapon

The radio industry is tough and it may not always seem fair but stand firm in your truth and in your talent. Do the work so that you put yourself in the right place at the right time to get your big break.

Open Yourself To Up Constructive Criticism

Radio people are so helpful that way. Ask for feedback and you will get it. Constructive criticism is so important in one’s journey because getting perspective from someone else is an important factor is working on your craft and getting better. It’s important to take on this criticism and not be a know it all. Even with 20 years in this business, I still enjoy getting tips and tricks from industry talent because it helps me do better.

Not Everybody Is Going To Like You – And That’s Okay

You may not be everyone’s cup of tea and it’s important to come to terms with that. Some people will not enjoy you on radio and they will make sure you know it. Unfortunately, this is part of the game and you have to be okay with this. It’s a bitter pill to swallow at times. What’s most important is that you need to like you – that’s all that really matters. When you resonate with that so will your audience. They will love you for being you

Stand Up For Yourself

Radio will teach you this real quick. You will be pushed into different directions by different people with different ideas of what they think you are capable of. When you are young in this business that happens a lot and you have to know what you want and how far you are willing to bend to get it. If it means you break, it’s better to walk away because bad decisions could mean that later opportunities will be few and far in between.

Wait Your Turn And Work Hard To Reach Your Goal

You have to believe that the wheel will turn and your turn will come. I started in this business more than 20 years ago and only over the past year have I found my sweet spot on East Coast Radio. I can finally say that I am living my dream. Of course, I have more dreams I want to see come true and I wanted to give up many times. I doubted myself on many occasions. But something in me always told me not to give up. Parallel to my radio career, I worked on my career as a voice over artist as well as a television presenter. The key is to keep as many balls in the air as possible while you chase your radio dream. That way, you have something else that helps pay the bills.

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