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CCI France Ghana’s Contributes To Foreign Direct Investment Through Ghana Days



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana has successfully kicked off a new initiative dubbed Ghana Days to attract French and Francophone companies extend their business activities to Ghana.

Ghana Days is an initiative which seeks to promote the Ghanaian market, its viability, lucrative and potential nature to foreign corporate giants, multinationals and investors. In collaboration with CCI France and CCI France International which is composed of 120 Chambers in 90 countries, the Managing Director of CCI France Ghana (CCIFG) Mrs Delphine Adenot-Owusu, awarded by WomanRising as one of the 60 corporate woman leaders in Ghana, embarks on a series of roadshows where meetings, roundtable discussions and symposiums are held so as to draw investor’s interest.

With a grade B ranking above Nigeria (D) and Cote d’Ivoire (C) as published by Coface, Ghana’s business-friendly environment which stands over the sub-Sahara average needs further promotion to French and Francophone markets. The rebound of the Ghanaian economy motivated and gave birth to the need for CCI France Ghana to use its worldwide network to educate moguls on the country’s welcoming market. Ghana Days is thus a product stemming from ways to fulfil this quest.

The maiden edition of Ghana Days was executed in June 2017 where Mrs Adenot-Owusu visited France. There her road trip took her to Paris where she attended a series of meetings as well as business speed-dating organised together with CCI France and CCI France International. From Paris, her next destination was the French Region Alsace. There, roundtables where held which led to further follow up meetings with interested business giants who sought to have more information.

The success of the maiden edition sparked conversation and further planning to execute more of these events but beyond France. The second leg of Ghana Days was thus planned for October. Bigger than the maiden edition, and also making more of an impact, Mrs Adenot-Owusu was invited to meet investors in Paris, Bordeaux and Rouen in France, followed by a symposium held in Lebanon. With each group, she spoke on the reasons why to invest in Ghana, the mutual benefit for the economy and for the investor or business, and engaged with participants to clarify misgivings, as well as shed more light on business implantation in Ghana.

These events have sparked collective trade missions to Ghana to meet with local businesses according to investor’s interest. With more Ghana Days already in play to take off in 2018, CCI France Ghana has positioned itself to be a promoter of the Ghanaian market.

Early February, CCIFG will welcome the Cap Afrique seminar. A delegation of all the African experts from regional CCIs in France will come to Ghana to better understand the market and explore business opportunities. They will be visiting headline projects, meeting with key Ghanaian stakeholders as well as French companies across major sectors in Ghana.

Through its activities locally and abroad CCIFG continues to contribute significantly to the global rising of activities in the France in Ghana network as well as to the benefits of its internal network made up of more than 110 members from diverse sectors in Corporate Ghana.

Message from the President of CCI France Ghana

For the first time since 2011, Ghana has presented at the end of 2016 a positive balance of payments with a EUR 232.2 M (USD 247.4 M) surplus. This progression is mostly a due to the improvement of the current account balance and more particularly the trade balance, whose deficit went from EUR 2.9 Bn (2015) to EUR 1.6 Bn at the end of the year. In addition to this, FDI inflows have reached EUR 3.3 Bn in 2016 against EUR 2.9 Bn in 2015, thus an increase of 13.7% according to the UNCTAD, a progression that is being pursued in 2017.

Mr Patrick Prado, president of CCI France Ghana, Managing Director of Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited and nominated for the Ghana Expatriate Business award said: “Ghana is not only a business-friendly environment but also a country which is open to global businesses”.


For him, knowledge of its attractiveness can be better known abroad and mostly in France to the benefit of the local economy. He added that foreign direct investment is critical for developing and emerging market countries such as Ghana.


The capital injected and companies that extend their business activity to Ghana will cause a positive effect through the stimulation of the country’s economic development. Employment generation arises from the new companies established by investors as well as new opportunities which in turn leads to an increase in income and more buying power to the people, resulting in an economic boost.

At CCI France Ghana, we decided to use our network to its advantage to better execute its objective as a partner in the France and Ghana network. By collaborating with French Chambers of Commerce in all the French regions and abroad, we are going out there to sell the Ghanaian market so as to attract more businesses to the country.


By this initiative, we have named Ghana Days a means by which this objective is being executed.  Business opportunities will be created to the benefit of the economy and also presented to our internal network by giving the platform to the members of the chamber to derive the most from the business network we have created.

CCI France Ghana

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana is an association of companies and professionals belonging to different sectors which aim at supporting, fostering and enhancing bilateral trade and investment relations between French and Ghanaian companies. With over 20 business sectors represented, the CCIFG acts as a business support system to its members by providing information and business opportunities through informative events, market studies.

Ghana Days contributes significantly to the global rising of activities in the France in Ghana network so as to enhance the existing bilateral relations between the two Republics.

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Rosatom Supports Women’s Health In South Africa



Rosatom together with the South African Tourism Ministry and the Russian Embassy to South Africa are providing support to young women from Mpuluzi High School in Mayflower. On October 15, the company held an inaugural event aimed at dealing with period poverty by providing women with personal care products and personal hygiene information.

Are you familiar with the term “period poverty?” It is a global sanitation issue affecting millions of females around the world because women and young girls who menstruate are still ostracized.

It is estimated that roughly 7 million South African girls on their period often miss one or more days of school, totaling up to 20 percent of the school year, and some drop out altogether. The cultural shame associated with menstruation often prevent women from studying and work.

According to UNICEF, 2.3 billion people worldwide live without basic sanitation, making it difficult for women and girls to manage their menstrual cycles. Poor hygiene during the menstrual cycle can in turn cause health risks related to the reproductive and urinary organs. Many also cannot afford personal hygiene products because of the “pink tax” (a markup on women’s products similar to men’s). Period poverty also affects psychological wellbeing as women become embarrassed of their own bodies.

In order to resolve this global issue urgently two things need to be done: breaking the taboo around a normal biological process and providing access to personal hygiene products.

Starting October 15, Rosatom began supporting the girls at Mpuluzi High School in Mayflower, Mpumalanga with sanitary products. The company has also organized a discussion on female hygiene, inviting a local expert to interact with the learners. The hygiene products were supplied by Palesa Pads, an organization, which manufacture reusable hygiene pads with a shelf life of up to 5 years, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly long-term solution to a critical problem faced by young women across the globe.

 “The biggest problem of the period poverty is that women have to choose between buying food and buying period products and it shouldn’t have to be a choice. The other issue is silence. Not enough people or companies talk about it. By supporting this initiative, we are not only helping girls, we are also raising awareness. We do hope to see more and more companies joining us in the fight against period poverty. We hope that in the future, this perfectly natural female process will no longer prevent girls and women from reaching their potential and fulfilling themselves because of missed opportunities,” exclaimed Evdokia Polyakovskaya, PR Manager at Rosatom Central and Southern Africa.

According to Ilya Rogachev, Russian Ambassador to South Africa: “My country has never been indifferent to the fate of African nations – in the past Russia rendered assistance to African nations in their liberation struggles against oppression. Today, all be it in a small way, we pledge our support in the liberation of young African women. I believe it is our common duty to help our children to walk along this thousand-mile-long path as long as we can, as we attach our best hopes for a better future to our children, and the generations to come.”

The event is only the first step towards achieving the UN SDG 5 (Gender Equality) in South Africa and overcoming the taboo and stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle. The company plans to continue raising this issue and expanding partnerships in the future.

About Rosatom

Rosatom is a global technological leader, with capacities in the nuclear sector and beyond, and business partners in 50 countries. As one of the pioneers of the nuclear industry, Rosatom has traditionally been at the forefront of the international nuclear market, including nuclear power plant construction, uranium mining and enrichment, and nuclear fuel fabrication and supply.

Today, thanks to the unique expertise accumulated over 75 years, the company is conquering the markets of new promising high-tech products. Hydrogen energy, energy storage, nuclear medicine, wind energy, composite materials, logistics business, environmental solutions – in total, more than a hundred new businesses, which cement Rosatom’s standing among the leading tech giants.

The Rosatom business strategy is guided by the international sustainable development agenda. Rosatom makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a low-carbon electricity company, developing nuclear, hydrogen and wind energy. Annually, Russian-designed nuclear power plants prevent more than 210 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the main cause of climate change.

The nuclear power plant being built by Rosatom in Turkey is the first nuclear project in history to receive a sustainable loan. In 2021, the company has placed its first issue of green exchange-traded bonds. Since 2020, ROSATOM has been a member of the UN Global Compact Network.

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Courtnaé Paul Gets Real On Her Thriving Career In The Local Entertainment Space



Ever since she burst onto the scene as a B-Girl prodigy, Courtnaé Paul has continued to push the limits when it comes to her career. Today, she is an established musician, choreographer, media personality and influencer who never settles for anything less than perfection. The star just dropped her brand-new single ‘Ooh Wee’, announced her stint as a mentor and choreographer on the exciting new series ‘Dance Africa Dance’ and is one of the ambassadors for the exciting launch of the Volkswagen Golf 8 GTi.

Now, Courtnaé Paul opens up about her exciting career so far:

You just dropped a brand-new single ‘Ooh Wee’ with Da L.E.S, Money Badoo and Phantom Steeze. Talk to us a little bit about the inspiration behind the track.

The motive behind the song was really just to give people a good time. I wanted to create a vibe that makes you feel like we haven’t been in lockdown for as long as we have. As the country begins to open up, I wanted to bring the party vibe along with it too. 

What was it like working with these acts in the studio?

With Phantom Steeze and Money Badoo being new wave artists, and L.E.S being an OG in the game, this collaboration brought something exciting and unexpected to the scene. Pairing artists that are different but which complement each other it’s always tricky, but this one flowed and felt very natural. It has all the makings of a fire track and I am so excited that people are loving it.

You’ve recently released beautiful visuals for your single ‘No Other Way’ with Rowlene and Manu Worldstar. Tell us more about that.

I wanted the video to look like the song sounded and I was inspired to create a video from exactly how the music made me feel. I’ve got a deep love for Afro and Kizomba and the song plays in that spectrum as well. All this coupled with an amazing director like The Lotus Sutra made sure that everything we envisioned came to life and it’s a project I’m very proud of.

Obviously, you made a name for yourself as a B-Girl. How do you push yourself to being the best?

I push myself to being the best I can be. In this case, my best just so happens that my best is actually thee best. Haha! I’ve never been one to half-do anything, so if something has my interest you’ll really see it in the execution. This been a monster dance year for me so far. I won the Red Bull BC One B-Girl S.A. final and I will be off to Poland in November for the world final. I’ve also just recently won Breaking for Gold which will give me my SA colours and set my sites on the 2024 Olympics, with the first stop being in Paris this December.

You’re also a mentor and choreographer on Dance Africa Dance. What inspired you to be a part of that series?

I love being involved at the beginning of something – especially when it encompasses a fusion of culture, music and dance, everything I am incredibly passionate about. This is a show that started in India, travelled to Singapore and now has its first season in Africa. The show will be played in all 52 African countries, the UK and the Indian islands which is really exciting. I back anything that gives our talent a platform to shine which is why I was really excited to sign on to this series.

Collaboration is obviously incredibly important in progressing as both an entertainer and an influencer – a space you have also tapped into recently. What, in your opinion, is a great influencer?

I’m not sure what makes a great influencer but I find it works best when you’re authentic about the projects you work on. Social media has somewhat made all of us influencers, even if you never intended to be one. It’s allowed me to connect with my dream brands and create all-encompassing campaigns. I’m currently working on a campaign with VW called #GTI8OnTour as part of the JHB team alongside Donovan Goliath and Khutso Thaledi. This campaign sees us as an integral part of the launch, pushing out the information, testing the cars, encouraging fans of the car to download the app, play the game and win themselves tickets to the launch events around the country and even taking it offline where I’ll be DJ’ing at the launch fest in Jozi on 16 October.

What else do you have up your sleeve over the next few months?

Over the next few months I’ll be traveling to complete internationally, while releasing more music, dropping new music videos and collaborations with brands like G-Star RAW and Volkswagen. You can see me flying around in the Golf 8 GTi, DJ’ing at venues around the country, or on your screens every weekend for Dance Africa Dance on ZeeWorld. Join me for the ride!

For more information on #GTI8OnTour and how to win tickets to the car-meets in Cape Town at the CTICC Parkade on 2 October, Durban at the Cornubia Mall Parkade on 9 October and in Johannesburg at the Fourways Mall Parkade on 16 October, download the app here:

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Guinness & Incredible Zigi To Give Away Newly Released iPhone 13 & Other Juicy Prizes In Guinness Black Shines Brightest Dance Challenge



Your number 1 stout beer, Guinness and Ghanaian dance sensation, Incredible Zigi are set to give out a brand-new iPhone 13 to the winner of the Black Shines Brightest Dance Challenge.

The dance challenge is a call from Guinness to everyone who is bold, golden, bright, and ready to be a part of the wave of cultural change makers in Ghana.

To mark the commencement of this challenge, Incredible Zigi and his team of Incredible dancers stormed the Accra Mall in full energy and vibe to pave way for all cultural change makers in a flash mob.

There shall be weekly rewards of high-quality sneakers, Bose speakers and beats by Dre with the ultimate winner walking away with the newly released iPhone 13.

To participate in this challenge, using the soundtrack for #Blackshinesbrightest ( record and upload a video of yourself doing the #Blackshinesbrightest dance and add a freestyle at the end to showcase how bright you can shine.

The video with the most shares, views and creative dance moves, stands a chance to win the ultimate newly release iPhone 13. Participants are reminded to tag @incredblezigi and @guinessgh and must not forget to add #BSBDancewithZigi

Just like Incredible Zigi, Guinness is bursting with life. It is a flavourful, bold and dynamic beer, sparkling and brimming with energy and exuberance. It is the liquid embodiment of a black shines brightest attitude and open to all who are ready to make a change in the cultural wave and shine bright.

Does dance make you shine the brightest? Show us what you’ve got and join the #Blackshinesbrightest dance challenge.

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